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Founder: Jacarrie Carr, President & CEO

Born & Raised in Milwaukee’s neighborhood of 53206, Jacarrie Carr was directly impacted by poverty and the psychological barriers that came as a result of it. Working in communities of poverty has been a trialed task worth continued involvement for many organizations.


Yet with experience, connection, and understanding Carr developed a model using shoes a connecting point for his community to come together for greater good. With over 10 awards and recognition, while simultaneously obtaining his degree, Carr developed a region-wide awareness through his previous and continued work.



  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Sustainability

  • Self-worth recognition

  • Recognition of value

  • Safety

  • Honesty

  • Embrace



Connecting souls through soles. Our model of community progress and recovery consist of: Connection, Awareness, Guidance, & Empowerment. We leverage relationship building through positively driven direct contact experiences to build our network, values, and trust,

for the transformation of communities we touch.

Board of Directors

Jacarrie Carr - CEO

Al Ruppel - Fundraising

Vernestine Carr- Treasurer

Kawanna Piggee - Secretary

Jomoni Haynes -Programs

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