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Our program of connection

This initiative is our donate and restoration shoe program. We receive shoe donations from community members, train youth on how to restore them, and follow that up by giving the shoes to those in need. This program has allowed us to develop deep connections with community members in a tangible way.  

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Community Events

Our program of awareness

From toy drives and coat drives, to fashion shows and food giveaways…. We have been fortunate to create a way to encourage and allow community members to become involved in our initiative of service. These fun times have become a yearly ritual to many community members looking for ways to get involved and give back.


Urban Mentoring

Guiding our next generations

We believe in transformation, not transaction. Many youth become subjects of exposure, or lack there of. As a result of this realization we focus on assuring that we develop direct relationships with youth where they have a comfortable space for growth & exposure in a way that is realistic and achievable.


Soft Skills Training

Our program of empowerment

We offer young people training between the ages of 10-18 in the areas of :​

  • Interviews do’s and don’t

  • Computer literacy

  • Resume building

  • College application

  • Email etiquette

  • Artistic expression

Book us for a workshop for your program, or partner with one of our initiatives.

Scholarship Fund

Our program of providing educational opportunity

Each year hometown hero Jordan Poole, point guard of the Golden State Warriors, teams up with JKFK to send 3-6 high school seniors off to college with a $500 trunk scholarship. The funds can go towards books, dorm supplies and starting a personal emergency fund. 

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